Configuring periods for timesheet approvals


How to configure periods for timesheet approvals


Editing period configuration default values requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

Tempo Administrators can configure the reporting period used for tracking time and reporting on work done in your organization. 

You can configure the length and start dates of timesheet approval periods. Timesheet periods are either open or closed. You can manually set the status of reporting and time-tracking periods.

Configure the Scheduler to notify users that a period is ending soon, and configure grace periods that allow users to submit their timesheets after a period has closed.

Each timesheet is tied to a specific period of time for tracking time, reporting, and planning.

  1. Select Settings Settings.png in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Under Periods, click Period Configuration.

  3. Edit the default period used for closing reporting periods, workflows, and billing:

    • Monthly Periods - Select the start month and date for the period.

    • Weekly Periods - Select any day as a start day for a weekly period.

    • Periods Used for Approvals - Select either Monthly or Weekly as the length of timesheet approval period.



If you use weekly approvals and change the start day for the week, all previously approved weeks appear as if they have not been submitted for approval. The previously approved time records will remain approved in the database even though the view shows them as unsubmitted after the date change.