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Portfolio Staff

The Portfolio Staff screen allows you to easily monitor staff working on any of a Portfolio's projects.  It gives you a cross-project view of people that you can use to see who is over-allocated. It also allows you to see cost rates, availability and worked hours information as well as a quick summary of the issues each person is working on. Navigate between the Summary and Staff Members views available at the top-left when the Staff tab is selected.

Viewing the Portfolio Staff Summary

The Porfolio Summary tab provides you with an overview of the current state of the portfolio's staff. The staff activity status and remaining capacity is based on each member's availability.

It also displays a Capacity chart that compares the total budgeted effort with either:

1.  The sum of remaining estimates

2. The sum of planned effort (Tempo planned time)

and puts them in contrast with the staff's remaining capacity as defined by staff member's availability.

The Summary also provides a section that allows you to enter notes.

To do so: 

1. Click Add a note.

2. Enter the note then select the Level (Information, warning, success, important).

Viewing Staff Members

The main part of the Portfolio staff members screen is the staff browser where all staff members are listed and grouped by their titles or roles.  The same person can thus appear in more than one place in the tree view, since that person can have different roles in different folios.  In that case, the information shown for that person will be the same, no matter which row you look at. The staff browser offers two different views between which you can switch using the buttons located at the top left of the staff browser (

): Browser View and Timeline View.

The Staff Member Load bar and the Overhead columns are collapsed on loading the page. Click on the staff member name to display them again or on the Show/Hide Staff Member Load button to toggle between show/hide. The show/hide button remembers the user preference within the current portfolio.

Browser View

Click the Browser view button 

 to display the Browser view. Collapse or expand a role by clicking on the triangle at the left of the role name.  Each role header also shows the average cost rate for that role.  The average cost rate shown is the current average cost rate of people with that role in the current Portfolio, weighted by their availability on each Folio.

Staff members summary information

Staff members are Jira users who actively work and record hours on the Folio's issues (the Folio Scope). Each staff member row in the staff browser shows the following information:

Status color bar

A colored vertical bar at the left of each staff member row indicates the status of the staff member. The status bar can help identify potential problems.

The following table explains the signification of each color.

Active member who is not overloaded.
Member has no current availability period and thus is not yet active.
Member is overloaded (see resource load) or over-allocated (is allocated to multiple projects for a total over 100%).
Unfulfilled position; a staff position that as not yet been assigned a JIRA user.
Position is associated with a non JIRA user.

Image representing the staff member, as defined in the associated Jira user's profile.


Full name of the member. Clicking the name displays the standard Jira user profile.

Current average cost rate

The current average cost rate of the user. This is the average of the member's current cost rates defined for each active project she is associated with in the portfolio, weighted by the availability % per Folio. If member has no cost rate defined, '–' is displayed. Note that only active members are taken into account. That is, wages occurring before folio's start date or after folio's closing or end (expiration) dates are ignored.


The current total availability of the user across all portfolio's projects. Only the active projects are considered when calculating the total, that is, availability before folio's start date or after the end of expired or closed projects are ignored.


An aggregation of the staff member's overhead for each folio in the current portfolio. The overhead of a folio gives a ratio of the amount of work that was not credited to the folio. It is computed by subtracting the number of worked hours from the capacity to date (as defined by the member's availability percentage to the folio) and dividing the result by the capacity to date.

Resource Load

A colored bar widget showing the aggregated resource load information for all assignations of the staff member. If the assigned hours exceed the capacity, then a proportional part of the bar is shown in red, indicating that the member is overloaded. Hover the bar to get the precise resource load in hours.

Timeline View

The Timeline View is displayed when the right part of the toggle button is pressed 

. It shows each staff member's past worked hours and future capacity over the Portfolio's timeframe as an interactive timeline chart. Each bar displayed for a staff member on the timeline reflects changes in that member's availability, as defined in Folios included in the Portfolio. The future capacity of a staff member for each availability period is derived from the availability percentage(s) for that period, and the working days and hours as defined by the Work Schedule of the Folios the member is allocated to.

Timeline charts in FOLIO offer various controls to navigate and focus on certain periods of time. Please refer to the Timelines page to learn more on available ways to interact with the Timeline.

The Staff Members Timeline is divided in two parts by the "Today" marker (displayed as a red vertical line on the chart). All hours shown on the left of the Today marker (past period from the Portfolio's start date to today, included) are hours worked by each staff member. Hours shown on bars at the right of the marker (future, until the Portfolio's end date) indicate the capacity of the resource for each availability period. Since the availability shown in the staff timeline are aggregated from possibly more than one Folios, the availability for a given period can sum up to over 100%, in which case, the availability period is displayed in red.

Hovering one of the bars shows the time period corresponding to that bar and either the number of worked hours or capacity for that period. If a past period aggregates worked hours from two Folios or more, then the tooltip shows the break down of hours worked per Folio.

Similarly, when a future period aggregates capacity from two Folios or more, hovering it brings up a tooltip showing the break down of allocated capacity per Folio.

Inactive periods

Inactive periods, e.g. periods with an availability percentage of zero are shown as faded gray bars, showing when each staff member is on vacation or when the member's commitment to that project is planned to end.

Viewing a Staff Member's Details

Clicking on a staff member row in the staff browser brings up the staff member details panel on the right-hand side of the screen, showing the detailed information of that member.

Single Staff member selection

When a single staff member is selected by left-clicking on it in the staff browser, the single staff member details appear on the right.  These information include the resource's work load, her positions, her cost rates and worked hours.


The staff member's summary is the header of the details panel and shows the avatar of the user, her full name and the list of roles she has across projects of the current portfolio.  

The summary can also show warnings, depending on the status of the selected person.

Resource Load

The resource load section shows the detailed aggregated resource load information plus a breakdown by Folio.  It allows to get a quick view of JIRA issues that are currently assigned to the staff member across the Portfolio's projects. For more information, refer to the Resource load documentation.


The Availability section shows all availability defined per Folio for the selected staff member. If a Folio is Closed before its end date then the availability displayed will end on close date. 

Cost rates

The Cost rates section shows all cost rates defined per Folio for the selected staff member.

An asterisk that appears to the right of a cost rate indicates that money conversion has been applied to the amount.  Hovering the mouse over the asterisk brings up a tooltip showing the currencies and exchange rate used.

Worked Hours

The worked hours section shows the total number of worked hours per Folio by the selected member, and the overall total for the Portfolio.  It also displays the position title (or role) the person currently has in each folio.

Multiple Staff members selection

When multiple staff members are selected, the aggregated resource load information for the selected members is displayed on the right.

Refer to the Folio Staff documentation on Resource Load for all details.

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