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Order of Operations with Manual Adjustments

The following Order of Operations is applied each time you open or refresh a structure with manual adjustments:

  1. Run Generators – Structure runs your automation rules to import and organize Jira issues within your structure.
  2. Manual Adjustments – Structure applies any manual adjustments over top of the generated content.
  3. Transformations – Structure applies transformations after both generators and manual adjustments are made.

Manual Adjustments are applied AFTER generators. This means if anything changes within your Jira instance, it could also change (or even remove) your manual adjustment.

Here's an example:

  1. You use a JQL Insert to add issues to your structure.
  2. You then move Issue A under Issue X. You can't normally move issues within a JQL generator, so this requires a manual adjustment.
    • Since automation does not place issues into your structure, but rather creates rules for populating the structure (see Generators for more details), manual adjustments do not actually move issues. Instead Structure creates a new rule, explaining where those items should be in relation to the generated content. In this case, it creates a rule saying, "After all the generators are run, place Issue A under Issue X."
  3. You make a change to Issue X, so it no longer fits within your Generator rules. The next time your generators run, Issue X will no longer be placed in the structure – so Issue A can't be moved beneath it. Issue A will remain in it's original location.

Adding New Generators After Manual Adjustment

If you add additional generators to your structure after applying a manual adjustment, Structure will attempt to place manually adjusted items appropriately based on the existing and new generators.

As you move it within the new set of generators:

  • If it fulfills the generator’s requirements, the manual adjustment will be removed and the item will be synced with Jira.
  • If it does not fulfill the requirements, it will continue to be a manually adjusted item.
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