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Access Control

An IP address can be selected for those that are allowed to access Tempo Services to download account information from Tempo Accounts.

To open Access Control:

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators Global Permission.
  2. Click Jira Administration at the upper-right, and then select Manage apps.
  3. Under Tempo in the sidebar, select Access Control.


You can also use the following keyboard shortcut to go to the Access Control page: press g twice and then start typing Access Control.

The Tempo services are:

  • GetWorklogs: Gets all worklogs for a given period, returns data in specified format (XML, Excel or test data).
  • UpdateWorklogs: Updates worklogs with external information (external ID & external hours).
  • WorklogReport: Returns a worklog report in XML that can be used as input for a reporting tool.
  • BillingKeyList: Returns a list of available billing keys and is used when creating reports.
  • HolidayList: Returns a list of registered holidays to be used when calculating required hours in an external system.

Enter the IP addresses as a white space separated list or as a range of IP addresses
In the example above there are two allowed addresses: and one IPv6 address


Allowed addresses field is 254 characters.

Tempo API Security Token

security token is required and needs to be added to all Tempo Servlet API calls if used.

(warning) The tempoApiToken should of course be distributed on a "need-to-know" basis and changing the token will revoke the API access from all users until they update their token.

The tempoApiToken adds an extra level of security in Tempo Access Control. Usage example:

  • The security token (tempoApiToken) is set to "my-token"
  • GetWorklogs URL would then be something like this: http(s)://yourserver.yourdomain/plugins/servlet/tempo-getWorklog/?format=xml&tempoApiToken=my-token

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