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Correcting Input Errors

If you enter an incorrect value when editing a field, or if there are any other problems saving that value on the server, Structure will display a warning message and mark the cells with problems.

Click the warning message or the cell with the error to enter Edit Mode, see problem details and correct the error. You can:

  • correct the value and hit Enter or click Done to try to save the values on the server again
  • click Revert Field to restore a previous value of the field, known to be valid, or
  • click Cancel Changes to cancel all changes to this issue, including possible changes to other fields.

You can edit other issues and continue working with Structure before fixing the editing problem. However, it is advised to correct the error as soon as possible.

Input Errors when Creating a New Issue

If the error happens when saving a new issue on the server, saving any further changes on the server is suspended – until the error is fixed or the creation of the new issue is cancelled. This is a necessary measure, because the success of the following changes may depend on the successful creation of that new issue.

When you have errors in the fields of a new issue, fix them as soon as possible or cancel the creation of that issue. Otherwise, any further changes are not uploaded until the problem is fixed – and you risk losing them!

To cancel the creation of a new issue, select it and click the Delete button or press the Delete key.

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