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Flex Items

Flex Items can be used to group issues, draft future Jira issues, or add notes within your hierarchy:

  • Add "folders" to organize issues into groups
  • Plan projects - see Planning with Flex Items
  • Include multiple projects, but keep their issues separate - create a Flex Item for each project and add the appropriate issues under each
  • Include multiple hierarchies in a single structure - by adding your generators below a Flex Item, you can build unique hierarchies for each Flex Item grouping
  • Use Flex Items as placeholders for future issues - add a title, description, and relevant icon to easily keep track of these planning issues
  • Leave yourself a note - add a Flex Item to your hierarchy and include a note (description) for yourself or your teammates
  • Use custom icons to call attention to your groupings, planning items, or notes

Structure Items used for grouping and planning

Flex items are also used to import Roadmunk roadmaps into a structure, to link high-level planning with execution data. Learn more: Roadmunk and Structure

Flex Items are only available for structures built in Power mode.

Adding a Flex Item

To add a Flex Item, open the Add menu and select Flex Item.

Selecting Flex Items from the Add menu

Give your Flex Item a name, description (optional), and custom icon.  There are hundreds of icons to choose from. You can scroll through the list or use the search bar to narrow your results.

Flex items creation screen

Editing a Flex Item

You can make changes to a Flex Item's name, icon, or description at any time - just click the item's name in the Summary column. 

Flex item edit screen

Convert to a Jira issue

To convert a Flex Item to a Jira issue, open the Flex Item and select Convert to a Jira Issue.

This will open the Create Issue screen, where you can enter the project, issue type, and any other field for the new issue.

Once you click Save, the Flex Item will be converted to a Jira issues.

If you're using Roadmunk and Structure together, this also allows you to convert your imported roadmap items to Jira issues.
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