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Linking Teams to their Jira Projects, Boards and Issues

Linking teams to Jira projects and boards requires the Tempo Team Administrator permission or the Manage Team permission for the team in question.

Linking teams to Jira issues requires the Jira Administrator permission, the Tempo Team Administrator permission or the Team Lead role.

You can link your Tempo team to Jira projects on which they are working to help you with issue management. This enables you to assign Jira issues to your team, and the team can be used in the Jira Issue search.

Once you've linked your team to a project, you can link them to the Jira issues in that project if the Tempo Team custom field is available.

The Tempo Team custom field needs to first be added to Jira issue screens by the Jira administrator, as described below.

Linking the Tempo Team Custom Field to Jira Issue Screens

The Tempo Team Custom Field is installed automatically with Tempo Teams, but needs to be associated to screens. The custom field makes it possible to assign Jira Issues to a Tempo team, and the team can then be used in the Jira issue search, like when creating filters for Jira boards. When creating an issue, the teams linked with the project are suggested in the Teams drop-down list.

  1. Click Jira settings :settings_dc:  at the top-right, and then select Issues.

  2. Under Fields in the sidebar, select Custom Fields.

  3. Find the Tempo Team custom field, which by default is not associated with any screens.

  4. Click the settings icon to the right, and select Screens from the drop-down.

  5. Select the screens you want to associate the field to.

  6. Click Update to save. The Team field will be displayed in the selected screens.


Assigning Epics to a team will also assign all the associated Jira issues to the team. Same goes for sub-tasks of an issue that is assigned to a team.

Editing the Team Custom Field name

A Jira Administrator can change the Tempo Team custom field name, to avoid confusion with Team custom fields that are provided by other apps.

To change the Team custom field name:

  1. Click Jira Administration :settings_dc: at the top-right.

  2. On the Jira settings menu, select Manage apps.

  3. Under Tempo Teams in the sidebar, select Configuration.

  4. Under Tempo Team Custom Field, change the name of the field by clicking the edit pencil icon


Changing the Tempo Team Custom Field name might affect saved Jira filters that are using this field as a parameter. 

Making the Team Custom Field Required in Jira Field Configuration

A Jira Administrator can make the Tempo Team custom field required. When the Tempo Team custom field is required:

  • The Tempo Team custom field cannot be empty.

  • Subtasks can only inherit the Tempo Team custom field from the parents, if the parents have a Tempo Team custom field value.

  • If inheriting from epics, the Tempo Team custom field will not autofill.

To make the Team custom field required:

  1. Click Jira Administration :settings_dc:  at the top-right.

  2. On the Jira settings menu, select Manage apps.

  3. Under Tempo Teams in the sidebar, select Configuration.

  4. Under Make Tempo Team Custom Field required in Jira Field Configuration, select the Field Configuration check-box 

Linking Your Team to their Jira Projects and Boards

  1. Select Teams :teams_dc:  in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. On the Teams page, select the team you want to link to a project. You can link a team to multiple projects. You can also link different teams to the same projects.

  3. Click Add Project Link at right. 

  4. Type the name of the project to which you want to link your team, and select it from the drop-down list. The project and the team are now linked.

  5. To unlink a project from a team, click the x that appears in the top-right corner of each linked project when you hover over its name.

You can follow the same steps to link or unlink your team to Jira Boards. Simply use the Add Board Link functionality instead.

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