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Managing Teams

Teams are central to Tempo Timesheets. Users who are grouped into teams can view each other's roles and schedules.

Team Leads can manage time for their teams by coordinating resources, managing schedules, and approving timesheets.

If you are a Tempo Team Administrator, you can create and delete teams in the Teams view :teams_dc: . You can also modify existing teams by adding and removing team members, or modifying the team itself.

Tempo Team permissions define how team view and work with worklogs and timesheets. These permissions are applied to Permission Roles within each team. If you are a Tempo Team Administrator, you can create and delete permission roles and add users to them.

Linking the team to issues allows you to select from any teams linked to the project in the Team Custom field in Jira screens. First, make sure that the Tempo Team Custom Field is visible in your screens. You can also make the Tempo Team Custom Field  a required field.

The team timesheet provides a quick overview of the time that is logged by team members on different projects.

Programs are groups of teams, and are helpful for organizing many smaller teams at once. Each team can only be assigned to a single program, but a program can contain more than one team. Each program can be assigned a Program Manager.

Team Roles can be used to define the responsibilities that users have in different teams. If you have the Tempo Team Administrator permission, you can add new team roles, delete roles, and decide which is the default role for team members.

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