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Grouping Teams Together as a Program

Grouping teams together requires the Tempo Team Administrator permission.

A program is a group of teams that are associated with the same Jira project or with the same Jira board. Each program has a program manager who has a high-level overview of the capacity and progress of the program's teams.

To create a program of teams:

  1. Select Teams :teams_dc:  in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. In the Teams view, click Programs at the upper-right.

  3. Fill in the fields at the top of the list:

    1. Name - Enter a name for the program.

    2. Manager - Assign a program manager. The program manager will have permission to manage work for the teams in the program.

    3. Teams - Select the teams you want to include in the program. 

  4. Click Add to create the program. 


You can also move a team between programs in the team's overview. For more information about how to move a team to a different program, see Editing Teams.

Adding and Removing Teams from Programs

You can add and remove teams from an existing program.

  1. On the Programs page, click the Teams column for the team for which you want to add or remove teams.

    1. To add a team, click the down arrow and select a team to add from the drop-down.

    2. To remove a team from the program, click the x to the right of the team name.

    3. To remove all teams from the program, click the x to the right in the cell.

  2. You can also delete the program by clicking Delete for the relevant program.

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