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Adding Members to a Team

When you add members to a Tempo team, you can assign a role to each member, as well as the dates they joined or left the team.

Adding team members requires the Tempo Team Administrator permission or the Manage Team permission for the relevant team.

To add a member to a team:

  1. Select Teams in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. In the Teams view, click the name of the team to which you want to add members.

  3. The team's overview is displayed. Click the Add Member link at the bottom.

  4. Start typing the name of the user you want to add to the team, and then select from the matching results. Complete the Add Member dialog box:

    1. Role - Select the Role that the user will fulfill in the team. By default, the member role is selected. Jira administrators can add new roles to this list. 

    2. Joining - Optional. The date the user will be joining this team.

    3. Leaving - Optional. The date the user will be leaving this team. 

  5. Click Save to add the new team member.


  • You can add the same member to the team more than once but for different dates. Only the team member's current membership is displayed in the list of team members. For example, if a member currently has role A in the team ending on date X, and you add the same member with role B and different availability for a future date, the view will only show the member's current role and availability.

  • You can edit the role, availability, and dates of team membership by clicking the team member's icon in the People section on the team's page. 

Adding Jira Groups to a Team

You can add Jira groups to a Tempo team as a way to quickly add members. The Jira groups are added as a single entity, so you cannot define each member's role, commitment, or joining and leaving dates.

  1. In the Teams view, select the team to which you want to add the Jira group.

  2. In the team overview, click Add Jira Groups at the bottom. You can also add Active directory groups.

  3. Start typing the name of the user group you want to add to the team, and then select it from the matching results.

  4. When you have selected all the groups you want to add to the team, click Next.

  5. The dialog box will show how many users will be added to the team. Click Confirm to add these members to the team.

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