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First Steps for Setting up Tempo Planner

You'll need Jira administrator permissions for these tasks.

Just starting out with Tempo Planner? After you have installed it, you need to set it up.

Watch this video or follow the steps below to get going!

It's best to first create a Jira group with all Tempo users in it, then grant the Tempo Planner Access permission to that group.

  1. Make Tempo Planner available to your company.

    First things first, make Tempo Planner available to your company with the Tempo Planner Access permission - see Giving Access to Tempo Apps.

    All Jira software users have access to Tempo Planner by default, so that may be all you need. But if it's not, then you need to give access to the correct Jira group or groups - maybe only certain departments in your company need to use Tempo Planner? Or you can give access initially to a small group of evaluators for the beginning of your Tempo Planner rollout plan, then add employees to the group when you're ready for everyone to use it.

    Having a Jira group set up for this makes it easy to add or remove employees as your company changes.

  2. Grant the Tempo Administrator permission.

    Grant this permission to the appropriate person or group of administrators in your company so they can set up and manage Tempo Planner. This is a permission that Tempo adds to the Jira Global permissions - see Global Permissions for how to grant it.

    It’s best practice to grant permissions soon after installing Tempo Planner to give the employees in your company a great experience.

    As a Jira administrator, you automatically have this permission, but you can assign it to others.

  3. Grant these Jira Project permissions.

    Make sure that everyone in your company has all the essential Jira Project permissions they need to work in Tempo Planner.

    Grant the Browse Projects and Work on Issues permissions to a Jira group that includes all Tempo users. These are standard Jira Project permissions - see Project Permissions for how to grant them.

  4. Set up for plan approvals.

    If you want to use the plan approval process in your company, such as for approving vacation plans for your team members, make sure that Enable Plan Approval is on in the Settings.

  5. Create Tempo teams and set them up.

    Tempo Teams make it easy for managers and team leads to plan and manage the time for their resources. Teams are also required for the plan approval process. See Setting up for Tempo Teams for how to do this.

When you're done these steps, you're ready to move on to other tasks to set up Tempo Planner, as outlined in Setting Up and Configuring Tempo Planner.

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