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Moving Items Within a Structure

You can use Copy/Cut and Paste to move items within a structure. This is particularly useful when moving several items across a large structure, where drag-and-drop can be more difficult to manage.

To move an item within a structure:


First add the desired items to the clipboard:

  1. Select the items you want to move. Either select a single item, or use multiple selection.
  2. To move the item, click the Cut button on the structure toolbar (or press Ctrl+x or Command+x). To create a second copy of the item within the structure, use the Copy button (or Ctrl+c or Command+c).
  3. The selected items will be added into the clipboard and marked with a small scissors icon
    (for cuts) or a clipboard icon
    (for copies).

Cut items are not removed from the structure until you paste them to a new location.

When you copy an item that contains sub-items, these sub-items are not automatically copied with their parent. You need to select them explicitly. To copy an item and all its children:

  1. Select a parent item
  2. Press Shift+Arrow Right (this selects an item and all the sub-issues)
  3. Press the Copy button

When you cut an item, its sub-items are automatically cut and copied to the clipboard.


After you have cut/copied issues, you can paste them to any place in the structure:

  1. To view the contents of your Clipboard, you can open it in the secondary panel. However, this is not necessary.
  2. In the structure, select the item after which the items from the clipboard should be placed.
  3. Click the Paste button on the toolbar (or press Ctrl+v or Command+v) to place the items at the same indentation level. To place the items under the selected item (as the children), press Ctrl+Shift+v (or Command+Shift+v on Mac).

The Paste operation can be undone.

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