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Structure.Gantt 4.2 Release Notes

6th of June 2024

Structure.Gantt 4.2 introduces Planning Tasks support, and more

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Version Highlights

  • Planning tasks support on Gantt charts

  • Added: Show marker when hovering over the marker's line

  • Added: Both start and finish dates are now updated on drag-and-drop for tasks without dates

  • Fixed: Finish date differed in the structure column and TDP when using the 24/7 calendar with a precision of 1 minute

  • Fixed: Resource leveling progress bar

  • Fixed: Non-Latin characters were displayed incorrectly on timelines in PDF export

  • Fixed: Critical path did not highlight the whole chain in some cases

Changes in Detail

Planning tasks on the chart

Planning tasks allow you to plan projects without creating Jira issues - so you can create and adjust tentative plans in Structure (and now Gantt) before committing to them. These tasks can now be displayed and scheduled on a Gantt chart using the same settings as Jira issues.

Planning tasks do not support dependencies.

Supported Versions

Structure.Gantt 4.2 requires Structure 9.0.1 or above.

We support all editions of Jira (Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management/Service Desk), versions 8.20 or later: this is the last version with 8.20 support, next time 9.4 will be the earliest.

Installation and Upgrade

If you already have production data from a previous version of Structure.Gantt, please back up your database or Jira before upgrading.

Please review your Gantt configurations after upgrading to check that your settings are correct.

Enterprise Deployment Notes

Structure.Gantt 4.2 does not add any changes in terms of stability or performance compared to 4.1. There are no particular special areas of interest for load testing and stress testing. We advise running the same testing procedures as you've done for previous upgrades.

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