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Editing Work Attributes, Billable, and Worked Hours in the Timesheet View

Editing work attributes, billable, and worked hours in timesheets requires the Edit Own Worklogs permission for the project the worklog belongs to. Editing billable hours also requires the Set Billable Hours permission for the project the worklog belongs to.

  1. Access the timesheet either from My work :my_work_dc: Teams :teams_dc: , or Accounts :accounts_dc: .

  2. In the Group by box, select Worklog.

  3. Make sure that the timesheet is displayed as a List view. If the timesheet is not displayed as a list, click Grid view (Days) at the upper-rightand then select List View.

  4. On the List view menu, select the work attributes, Billable, or Worked, depending on what you want to display in the timesheet.

  5. In the timesheet, click the Billable, Worked, and the custom fields to edit their values.

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