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Grouping Worklogs in the Timesheet View

Viewing worklogs requires the View All Worklogs permission for the projects the worklog belongs to.

You can organize the timesheet by grouping the worklogs to get a better overview of work being done. To group worklogs in the timesheet, you don't need any special permissions. 

  1. Select a timesheet, either from My Work :my_work_dc: , Teams :teams_dc: , or Accounts :accounts_dc: .

  2. Click the Group by box to display a list of possible choices. You can select more than one item. By default, Issue is selected and other items are ordered according to Jira hierarchy. 

  3. To remove a criteria from the timesheet, click Group by, and then click x to the right of the criteria.


Your user timesheet (in the My Work view) will remember your preferences and display your timesheet as you left it the next time you load it. 

The logged time report in the worklog (2 decimal places) rounding and issue rounding (2 decimal places) are cumulative, so raw extracts and UI reports may differ.

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