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Adding the Tempo Team Custom Field to Jira Issue Screens

You need Jira Administrator permissions to add a custom field to Jira issue screens.

In order to link your team to a project's issues, the Tempo Team Custom Field needs to be visible in your Jira screens. Jira Administrators can associate the Team field to the appropriate screens. 

Once this is done, you can then link a team to their Jira issues using the Teams drop-down list there. You need to first link your team to the corresponding Jira project for their name to appear in the Teams list.

Watch our video: How to Add the Team Custom Field

Teams in the Jira issue view is renamed to Tempo Teams. The Tempo Teams field will appear in the custom fields and in the exported data.

To add the Tempo Team custom field to Jira issue screen and link a team to their Jira issues:

  1. Click Jira settings in the Jira sidebar.

  2. Select Issues.

  3. Under Fields, select Custom fields.

  4. Find the Tempo Team custom field.

  5. Click the ellipsis () to the right, and then select Screens from the drop-down.

  6. Select the screen you would like to associate the field to (for example, the Default Screen, the Resolve Issue Screen, or the Workflow Screen).

  7. Click Update to save.

  8. Link your team to the Jira projects on which they're working.

  9. In any Jira issue for a project to which your team is linked, select your team's name from the Tempo Team field's drop-down.

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