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Administrator's Guide

No matter what type of administrator you are - Jira or Tempo or both - this guide is for you! This guide will help you get started on setting up and configuring Tempo Timesheets for your organization.

Not all of these tasks are mandatory, but it's recommended that you check them all out. Then you can be sure that you're not missing out on anything that will give your organization the best possible experience with Tempo Timesheets.

After you install Tempo Timesheets on your organization's Jira Cloud instance, it's time to set it up!

  • First steps for setting up Tempo Timesheets - Get started with these steps! This includes making sure Tempo Timesheets is available to everyone in your organization, and giving the correct Jira Global and Project permissions to the correct people.

  • Best practices for setting up Tempo Timesheets - These are some setup issues to consider to have the best experience of using Tempo Timesheets in your organization.

  • Permissions in Tempo - For your reference, this is an overview of all permissions available for Tempo Timesheets - Jira Global, Jira Project, and Tempo Team.

  • Setting up for basic time tracking - No matter why you're tracking time, there are some basic things you should set up, such as workload and holiday schemes to define the working capacity of employees, and Internal issues to define non-project time spent on events such as vacations or company meetings.

  • Setting up for Tempo Teams - Working with Tempo Timesheets often means using Tempo teams. Find out how to create and set them up for your whole organization, or give permissions for others to create their own teams.

  • Setting up timesheet periods for approvals - Does your organization want to have timesheets approved by managers? Then you need to create a reporting period and optionally set up the Scheduler to make sure that everything works like clockwork.

  • Setting up accounts - Tracking time for financial reasons such as billing or Capex/Opex involves setting up for Tempo accounts. Of course, you can also use Tempo accounts to simply organize the logged time data in any way you want.

Check out the videos in this playlist to see how to do many of these tasks: Administrator's Guide to Tempo Timesheets

You can also follow these tutorials to see how to set up Tempo Timesheets for different business purposes:

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