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Enabling and Disabling Jira Suggestions in Activity Feed

You require the Tempo Administrator permission to access the Activity feed default Jira activity setting.

This feature is different from Filtering Your Activity Providers, where users can enable or disable Jira activities for themselves, regardless of the Global setting.

You can quickly enable or disable the default suggestions from Jira issues for your entire organization so they don't appear in My Work. By default, the Jira suggestions are enabled. It is also recommended to enable Jira Suggestions to provide quick and accurate time tracking.

  • This setting is overridden if a user chooses to display the activities coming from Jira suggestions through Filtering activity providers.

  • Enabling or disabling Jira suggestions does not remove the suggestions. They only show or hide in My Work.

To disable Jira suggestions from the Activity Feed:

  1. Select Settings in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Under Configuration, select Activity Feed.

  3. Toggle to enable or disable Jira suggestions.


To enable Jira suggestions:

  1. In the My Work > Timesheet, click the Filter icon. 

  2. Check the Jira checkbox.


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