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Filtering Your Activity Providers

The Activity Feed Filter lets you control the display of activity cards that come from the different providers that are connected to My Work. A list of active providers is dynamically populated when a provider is installed or connected. Jira is the exception: you don't need to connect to it since Tempo Timesheets is already running on it!

You can quickly toggle the display of all activities coming from a provider by clicking its checkbox. Unchecking a provider simply filters out the display of its related activities. For example, uncheck the Jira checkbox in the filter so that suggestions from Jira issues you worked on don't appear in My Work.

You can also filter activities that are considered Incomplete or Rejected.

Filtering doesn't disconnect the apps or Calendars from Tempo, but if you want to do that, see Connecting and Disconnecting Your Activity Providers.

To filter activities in My Work:

  • To hide all suggestions coming from Jira issues, click on the Filter icon and uncheck the Jira checkbox.

  • To show/hide plans from Tempo Planner, click to turn on/off Planner. Hiding plans prevents the Plan time cards from appearing in My Work. These cards are from plans you have created either in My Work or in Tempo Planner. You may want to temporarily hide plan cards since they may override other events that are in the same time slot in My Work, such as Calendar events or Jira issues.

  • To show/hide suggestions coming from the JetBrains or Visual Studio Code (VS Code) apps or events coming from your Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar, click to turn on/off their options. Filtering doesn't disconnect the apps or Calendars from Tempo: to do that, see Connecting and Disconnecting Your Activity Providers.

  • To show/hide Incomplete Activities, click to turn on/off that option. Incomplete activities are activity cards that don't have complete information, such as missing a Jira issue key - see Logging Time to Incomplete Activities for more information.

    It's best practice to leave this option on so that activities such as Calendar events without issue keys will still appear in My Work. For example, if you turn this option off, you won't see meetings where someone forgot to add the issue key to the event in Google Calendar, so you may miss out on important events.

  • To show/hide Rejected Activities, click to turn on/off that option. Rejected activities are considered differently based on your type of calendar connection:

    - When using the Basic calendar, any plans that were rejected or any Calendar events that were declined are considered as Rejected Activities.

    - When using the Enhanced calendar, Rejected Activities refer only to plans that were rejected: Calendar events that you have declined do not appear in My Work.

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