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Release Notes - December 2020

Monday, December 14 - Friday, December 18

  • We released a bug fix so User sorting is no longer inverted. First and Last names can now properly be sorted from A-Z, or Z-A in Account Settings.

  • Deleted a source roadmap from your Portfolio? Thanks to a bug fix, your roadmapping homepage will now successfully load.

  • Account Admins will soon be able to generate their own field, roadmap, and user reports! Reach out to us for a sneak peek. 🎉

Monday, December 7 - Friday, December 11

  • Thanks to a bug fix, avatars are now loading properly for a small group of affected users. 👥

  • We released an update to how we process user picker fields (i.e. Assignee) in our Jira integration to comply with an update to how Jira's API handles this type of field.

  • When using the Team Member field as your label suffix the user name will now correctly show, thanks to a bug fix.

Monday, November 30 - Friday, December 4

  • We released an enhancement that enables you to hide fields on your URL/HTML exported roadmaps! No more confidential fields or information slipping into your shared roadmaps. ✅


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