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Selecting View Options in the Timesheet View

The timesheet view is very dynamic and can be modified to display information important to you. Access the timesheet either from My Work :my_work_dc: , Teams :teams_dc: , or Accounts :accounts_dc: .

To modify the timesheet view, you don't need any special permissions. To view worklogs, you must have the View All Worklogs permission for the project the worklog belongs to.

  • Select a period: The date field shows the time period displayed. Use the arrows < to navigate to the next or previous period. Click the date field to adjust your timesheet view to show a day, week, month, or custom period. You can also switch the display to the previous, current, or next period. When viewing the timesheet as a grid, you can also click the Grid view button at the upper-right, and select grid periods.

  • Select how information is displayed: You can switch between a List view and a Grid view. The button at the upper-right shows which view is selected. Click the button to switch view. 

  • Select what information is displayed: Click Grid view/List view at the upper-right. Under Columns, select the options you want to display in the timesheet. By default, total hours worked is selected. In the List view, you can select List View Columns to display specific Worklog attributes.

  • Set date and time format preferencesClick the ellipsis (...) button at the top-right, and then select Report Preferences to access available options.

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