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Flexible Team Planning

Plan nearly anything with a Flex Plan. Instead of creating epics or issues for ideas that never get approved, start planning with a Flex Plan. You can start to plan without a Jira issue or team, and then add more information as you get more clarity into your organization’s business goals. You can even keep the flex plan as a lightweight roadmap - it doesn’t impact your teams' capacity until it’s converted to a team plan with an assigned Jira issue.

Use Flex Plans to:

  • block in team capacity

  • create a lightweight roadmap

  • remember ongoing efforts that you can allocate some team capacity toward

  • perform high-level planning for yourself, your project, or your team without associating a plan with a Jira epic or assigning it to a team.

You can convert any Flex Plan to a Team Plan by assigning it to a team.


Before You Begin

  • Until you assign a Flex Plan to a team or Jira issue, you’re the only person who can view the Flex Plan.

  • To convert Flex Plans to Team Plans, you must have the following permissions:

    • View Plans

    • Manage Plans

  • To assign Flex Plans to a team, you must add the team to the Teams view.

Create a Flex Plan

Flex Plans can be as simple as a start and end date or include a Jira issue and detailed plan. You can create a Flex Plan from the Plan Time shortcut or by selecting some time in the Flex Plan row.


Edit a Flex Plan

Click the plan card to edit a Flex Plan.


If you add a team, the Flex Plan is converted into a Team Plan. Assuming you have the appropriate permissions to modify that team’s plans, you can remove the team from the Team Plan and convert it back to a Flex Plan.

Remove a Flex Plan

Hover over a Flex Plan and click the X.


Convert a Flex Plan to a Team Plan

You can assign a Flex Plan to a Team that isn’t currently in the Team view. The Flex Plan is converted, but the plan isn’t displayed until the assigned team is added to the Team view.

You can convert a Flex Plan in one of two ways:

  • Edit the Flex Plan and assign a team.

  • Drag the plan to a team.

Team capacity is not calculated until the plan is scoped to a Jira issue.


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