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Setting Up Your Company

This feature is not yet available to all customers. To participate in Structure's Early Access Program and gain access to this feature, contact  Tempo Support.

To set up your company, click the +New button and select the component you want to add. For each component you want to add:

  1. Select the type of item from the list at the bottom of the pop-up.
  2. Name it in the highlighted window at the top of pop-up.
  3. Adjust it's location in the hierarchy with the indent/outdent button to the left. (You can also adjust it later with drag-and-drop.)
  4. Click Create to add it to the report.

Building a company hierarchy

As you organize the items in your Company Report, keep in mind that metric data will roll up, so the hierarchy should resemble an org chart - with each lower level rolling up to the appropriate top-level components.

Company hierarchy with no scope

This is a very simplified example. You can add as many items as you need to reflect your company, and organize them in whatever way suits you. For example, you may have multiple structures under a project - or you might skip the project level altogether and simply use a structure for each project.

Next Steps

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