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Roadmapping with Emojis 🤔❤️

Using emojis is a creative way to show more information on your roadmap. 

To do so, simply add an additional field that you want to use to communicate emojis by. In the example below, the level of criticality is being shown through emojis (🚫 = Not critical, ⭐ = Critical). 


To access your Emoji library

  • If you're using a Mac, hold down CMD + CTRL + SPACE. 

  • For PC users (Windows 8.x and later), open the touch keyboard by clicking on the symbol on the taskbar. If this symbol isn't available, right-click on the taskbar and select “Toolbars -> Touch Keyboard”. From here, you can access your emoji by clicking the smiley face on the touch keyboard.

  • Use a third-party emoji site such as Emojipedia or Get Emoji and copy/paste your desired emoji. 

How to visualize these on your roadmap


Follow these steps: 

  1. After entering the emojis into your Items Table, navigate to either the Timeline or Swimlane View.

  2. Click on the Format icon to open the Format panel.

  3. Find the Label Suffix dropdown.

  4. Select the field value that contains the emojis you want to display on your roadmap. 

Some other ideas to categorize by:

  • Status ✅ (On track), ⚠️ (Amber), 🚨 (Red) 

  • Completion:  ✔️(Complete), 🚧 (Work in Progress), ❌ (Incomplete)

  • Region: 🇺🇸 (US office), 🇨🇳 (China office), 🇨🇦 (Canadian office), etc. 

  • Cost: 💰 (Not expensive), 💰💰 (Moderately expensive), 💰💰💰 (Very costly idea) 

The possibilities are endless, so give this tip a try! 

If you are having issues with emojis appearing, please ensure you've enabled the emoji context menu by following these steps.

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