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License Maintenance and Expiration

Commercial License

Your commercial license for Structure (including Starter licenses) typically has no expiration date, so it can be used forever. However, it has Maintenance Expiration Date which limits which versions of Structure can be used with that license – you can only use the versions released prior to the expiration date.

To use versions released later, you need to purchase a maintenance renewal, which extends your maintenance expiration date by one year.

Evaluation License

Evaluation and temporary licenses have an expiration date. After that date, Structure will only be accessible in read-only mode (see below).

Make sure you renew the evaluation or get another license key prior to the expiration.

Read-only Mode

If the current license becomes invalid (for example, it has expired or you upgraded to a version of Structure that is not covered by the current license's maintenance), Structure will function in read-only mode.

Users will be able to view structures, but they won't be able to make any changes until a valid license is installed.

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