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Setting Up Structure License

Unless your Jira runs on one of the free licenses, Structure requires a license key to work. You can get a free, no-obligation 30-day evaluation license key for your Jira server in a few seconds.

Setting Up Evaluation License

  1. Navigate to Administration | Structure | License Details.
  2. Look at the Current License section - if there's no license there or if the license is expired, you will need to get an evaluation license or purchase a commercial license.
    • If the Current License section says you have a Free License, then your Jira must be qualifying for automatic free license and no further action is needed from you. See When Structure is Available for Free.
  3. To get a free 30-day unlimited-users evaluation license, follow the Get Evaluation License link on the Structure license page, or open the evaluation license request page directly. In the latter case, please enter your Jira Server ID to ensure you receive a correct license.

You can also get an evaluation license from the Atlassian Marketplace. Simply go to the Manage Apps page, find the Structure app and click the Try or Free Trial button.

If you have installed a license you received directly from Tempo, Manage Apps may show that Structure is Unlicensed or Action Required, because it's not aware of the Tempo license. You can check the true license status on the Administration | Structure | License Details page — if it shows that the license is OK, you can safely ignore the status of the license in Manage Apps.

Licenses from Tempo and from Atlassian

Structure supports two kinds of licenses — issued by Tempo and issued by Atlassian. These licenses are functionally equal — you can use either kind to get the same functionality in Structure. The prices are also the same.

The following table summarizes the differences and provides instructions for both kinds.


License from Tempo

License from Atlassian

Purchased at

No longer available

Atlassian Marketplace

Managed at

The license key is sent to you by email

Manage with other Atlassian licenses at

License key looks like this:

... at least 20 lines of symbols ...

... at least 4 lines of symbols ...

Installation Instructions

  1. If you have a license from Atlassian installed, first remove it in Manage Apps.
  2. Open Administration | Structure | License Details.
  3. Copy and paste the key to the Install License section and click Install License.
  1. Open Manage Apps.
  2. Locate and open the Structure section.
  3. Copy the license key into the License box and click Update.

Uninstallation Instructions

  1. Open Administration | Structure | License Details.
  2. See the details of the installed license and click Uninstall.
  1. Open Manage Apps.
  2. Locate and open the Structure section.
  3. Clear the license key from the License box and click Update.

Purchasing differences

  • Besides advance payments with credit card, wire transfer or other payment methods supported by our payment processor, we can also accept purchase orders on Net 30 terms.
  • VAT and taxes may be handled differently from Atlassian, as our payment processors are located in the USA and Germany. Tempo is based in the US, and for direct purchases using Wire Transfer, we do not charge VAT or any other taxes.

Purchasing a Commercial License

Structure licenses can be purchased from Tempo, from Atlassian, or through Atlassian Solution Partners and resellers.

Purchasing from Atlassian

You can purchase a license via Atlassian on the Atlassian Marketplace.

After the purchase is completed, the license key will be available on

Purchasing from Resellers or Atlassian Experts

You can purchase through a reseller of your choice. Atlassian Solution Partners can also provide you with additional services and advice.

When you purchase through a reseller, you can get either kind of license (issued by Tempo or by Atlassian), depending on the reseller's actions. If you prefer one kind of license over another, you should specify that to the reseller.

Migrating Licenses

You can convert a license of one kind into a license of another kind. Please contact for assistance.

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