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Viewing Time Logged to Tempo Accounts

Using the Account Timesheet, you can easily see all the time that has been logged to that Tempo account. This is great for getting quick insights into the time spent on an account, and is also useful for checking for worklogs before you delete an account. Basically, you cannot delete an account if there are worklogs associated with it, so the Account Timesheet makes it easy to check for them.

The features in the Account Timesheet are similar to those in the Timesheet view in My Work, including being able to log time directly in the timesheet.

To open the Account Timesheet:

  1. Select Accounts in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. On the Accounts page, click an account name to open its Overview.

  3. Click Timesheet at the top right.

  4. Use the date picker in the top-left to select the time range you want to see, then click Apply. You will see all time logged to this account in that time period.

  5. Group the data by different options, such as by Project, Issue, or User.

If you want to check for existing worklogs in an account before deleting it, it's best to select short periods of time repeatedly (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly at the most) so as to not overload the system with a large number of worklogs. You can safely delete the account if no data is displayed in the Account Timesheet for the selected period.

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