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Creating Work Attributes for Customized Time Logging

Configuring work attributes requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

Work attributes are custom fields that you can add to worklogs so that users can record detailed information about logged time. For example, you can use work attributes for tracking hours to Accounts, "Overtime," or "Travel time.”

All work attributes are added to the Log Time form and are available for all Tempo users. Although work attributes are added as hidden fields by default, users can customize their Log Time form to have them always visible. They can also change the order in which the work attributes appear.


Create a Work Attribute

  1. Select Settings in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Under Configuration, select Work Attributes.

  3. Click the + New Work Attribute button in the top right.


  4. In the New Work Attribute form, enter the Name of the work attribute you want to create.

  5. If the attribute should be a required option, turn on the Required toggle.

  6. Select a Type from the dropdown. Available types include: 

    • Account - Selecting Account as a Work Attribute type allows you to link accounts directly to worklogs. Only one work attribute can be defined as the Account type - see Creating an Account Work Attribute for more information.

    • Checkbox - Select this if you want to allow your users to select multiple options.

    • Input Field - Select this if you want users to be able to enter text.

    • Numeric Input Field - Select this if you want to sum the value of the work attribute in Tempo Reports. In the report, you must group by worklog to view work attributes.

    • Static List - Select this if you want to create a simple dropdown list (see below).

  7. Click Save to create the work attribute.

Add a Work Attribute as a Static List (Simple Dropdown List)

  1. Select Static List as the Type when you create the work attribute.

  2. In the Values field that appears in the form, add each item you want in the list and click the Add button.


    You can drag each item in the order you want, or click the trashcan icon to delete that item.

  3. Click Save to create the work attribute. 

Change the Order of Work Attributes in the Log Time Form

The order of the work attributes in this table determines the default order in which they appear in the Log Time form. They are added to the table in the order in which you created them, but you can reorder them as you like.

  • Drag on the left of an item in the table to change its order in the list. This is how they will appear in the Log Time form.

Users can then customize how the work attributes appear in the Log Time form for themselves.

Edit a Work Attribute

  1. Click the pencil icon on the right side of the attribute in the table.

  2. In the form that appears, you can edit the Name of the work attribute and the state of the Required option but not the Type.

Delete a Work Attribute

  • Click the trashcan icon on the right side of the attribute in the table. The attribute will no longer be visible in the Log Time form for anyone.

If you delete a work attribute, it is removed from the Log Work form, and all existing recorded values for the attribute are permanently deleted. Worklogs are not affected in any other way if the work attribute is no longer connected to them.

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