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Creating an Account Work Attribute

Creating work attributes requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

The Tempo Account custom field is installed automatically with Tempo Timesheets. To make use of the field in relation to Tempo products, it needs to be associated in either (or both) of these ways:

  • At the Jira Issue level, which requires that you associate the Tempo Account custom field to the desired Jira issue screens.

  • To Tempo Timesheets worklogs, which requires that you add the Tempo Account custom field as a work attribute so that it appears in the Log Time form (see below).

In both cases, the Tempo Account custom field is displayed as a dropdown showing only accounts that are linked to the Jira project to which the Jira issue belongs.

For more information on why to use these Account options, see Account Field vs the Account Work Attribute

Adding the Account Field as an Account Work Attribute

You can have accounts directly linked to worklogs. To do this, you create an Account-type work attribute so that an Account dropdown appears in the Log Time form. As with other work attributes, this Account dropdown is available for all Tempo users.

Although work attributes are added as hidden fields by default, you can configure the Log Time form to move them into the Visible fields section.

  1. Add a work attribute of the type Account. Only one work attribute can be configured as an Account type - see Create Work attributes for customized time logging.

  1. Link an account to one or more Jira projects - see Linking accounts to Jira projects.

  2. Log time to a Jira issue and select the correct account from the Account dropdown in the Log Time form. Only accounts that have been linked to Jira projects appear in this list.

To see all worklogs linked to an account, create a Logged Time report that is filtered by the Account, then group by User and Worklog. You can also view this data in the account's Timesheet - see Viewing Time Logged to Tempo Accounts.

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