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Filtering the Data in Reports

In order to get the most out of your Tempo reports, you can apply a range of tools to sort the data. This includes applying filters as well as organizing the information into groups, sorting the data by columns, and adding columns to show Jira fields and work attributes.

Tempo remembers all your view settings and preferences between sessions. 

Select Reports in the Tempo sidebar to create a report or open a saved report.

Filtering Data

Selecting filters for the reports allows you to see only the information you need. You can, for example, select to view time logged on a specific project or all planned work for your team. You can filter the data for a report before you create it or after it's created.

Filtering before creating a report will result in less data being loaded than if you don't filter before creating a report. This can save time and prevent performance issues when you have a lot of data to load.

To filter data before you create a report:

  1. Click either the Logged Time tile or the Planned Time tile to create a report of that type.

  2. Select the options you want in the Filter by list.

To filter data in a report:

The Filter by field at the top of the report shows which filters are applied.

  1. In a report, click the Filter by box to display a list of filter options.


    If you want to select a Jira Filter (JQL), scroll down to the bottom of the list.

  2. Select the data you want to include in the report.

  • Use the search box to search for projects, teams, accounts, etc. To add a filter, select its checkbox and click Apply & Search. To remove a filter, clear the checkbox or click the x beside its name in the Filter by field.

  • If you filter by Issues, you can also choose to include sub-tasks.

  • Click Back to return to the list of filters.

Below is an overview of the different fields that you can use to filter your reports:


What it does


Filters by the selected Jira projects


Filters by Tempo teams


Filters by team role


Filters by Tempo accounts

Account categories

Filters by Tempo account categories

Category types

Filters by Tempo account category Types, which are Billable, Capitalized, Internal, and Operational


Filters by customers for Tempo accounts


Filters by the selected Jira epics


Filters by the selected Jira issues


Filters by the selected Jira users

Generic Resources

(For Tempo Planner only)

Filters by generic resources. Select the names of the generic resources you wish to see. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the list to see this option.

Jira filters (JQL)

Filters by a predefined JQL filter. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the list to see this option.

If you share the report with others, they must have the same Jira project and Team permissions as you. Otherwise, they might not have the same data in the report.


(For Tempo Planner only)

Filters by resource skills.

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