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Inactive or Deleted Jira Users and Tempo Timesheets

When a Tempo user is deactivated or deleted from your Jira instance, it has an effect on what data is displayed for them in Tempo Timesheets. You can see the worklog data of inactive or deleted Jira users in timesheets or reports using the information outlined here. 

See the Atlassian Jira guide for more information about deactivating or deleting Jira user accounts: Deactivate or delete managed accounts

In a nutshell

When a user is deactivated in Jira, we recommend that you leave the user in their Tempo team(s) so that their worklog data is displayed in the timesheet and reports. The Leaving date is updated automatically for this user within the team (s). This way, the user is considered as an inactive member of this team, but their worklogs still appear in the team timesheet and reports, but only for the time period in which they were active members in the team.

Tempo does not remove or delete the worklogs from inactive or deleted Jira users: you must actively delete the worklogs in Tempo or Jira if you want to get rid of them. You can use the Bulk Editor to delete multiple worklogs from multiple users - see Deleting Worklogs in Bulk.

Viewing Worklog Data from Inactive Users in Timesheets and Reports

To see the worklog data from inactive users, open their timesheet, the team timesheet, or a report, and navigate to the time period when this inactive user was still a member of the team (before their Leaving date).

A workaround to see their data is to reactivate the user temporarily, add them back to their original team(s), and then deactivate them again after the timesheets and reports are completed.

Viewing Worklogs from Deleted Jira Users

When a user account is deleted in Jira and/or deleted from their Tempo team, they won’t show up in any user pickers so you won’t be able to filter their worklogs by their name in reports or timesheets. This means that you won’t be able to see their worklogs unless you have the View Worklogs permission in a Full-access permission role

We recommend that you export the user's worklogs before deleting them from your Jira instance.

Timesheet Approvals for Inactive Jira Users

You cannot currently change or submit timesheets for approval for inactive Jira users. This is because the Approve Timesheet team permission cannot apply to users who are not active in the team. There are two things you can do in this situation:

  • Submit and approve this user’s timesheet before deactivating them in Jira.

  • Reactivate this user temporarily to submit their timesheet for approval.

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