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Best Practices for Inactive Jira Users and Tempo Teams

When a user is deactivated in Jira, it’s best to leave the user in their Tempo team(s). The Leaving date for the user is set automatically in their team(s). 

  • If the user is on temporary leave and will come back to the same job within the same team, you may not need to set their Leaving date from the Tempo team. 

  • If the user is taking paid leave, they should log time against a "paid leave" Internal Jira issue (Vacation, Parental leave, etc.) before leaving. Their team lead can then submit and approve their future timesheets (they require the Approve Timesheet permission for that team). The team lead then has the information that this team member is out of office for the logged period and that their hours are approved. 

  • If the user is taking unpaid leave, setting a Leaving date from the team is useful. Then when this user returns, you can add them to the team with their new Joining date.

    For example, if Amy is leaving for January, February, and March, you can set a Leaving date from her team to be December 31st. Then add her as a new member to this team with a Joining date of April 1st. Amy will not show up in the Team Timesheet for the period that she is inactive in the team, but her worklogs for the periods that she was active in the team are still available.

    Another option is to leave the user as active in the team and have the team lead submit and approve the user’s timesheets for the time period that they are away (with 0h logged and adding a comment that this user is on unpaid leave).

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