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Logging Time for Yourself in the Timesheet

Logging time for yourself requires the Work On Issues permission.

You can log time on Jira issues in your timesheet in different ways. 

  1. Open the Timesheet from My WorkTeams, or Accounts. For example, click Timesheet in the top-right of the My Work Calendar.

  2. Open the Log Time form by doing one of the following:

    - Click the Log Time button at the top-right.

    - Click an empty cell for a Jira issue to log time to it. The Log Time form opens with the issue selected.

    - Drag across multiple cells for a Jira issue to log time to it for several days at once.

    - Press the w key.

  3. Fill out the Log Time form and click the Log Time button to log time to that issue.

  4. You can edit your time records afterward.

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