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Managing Saved Columns

To edit, copy, share, or delete a Saved Column, open the Manage Saved Columns screen.

There are two ways to open the Manage Saved Columns screen:

From the Add Column Menu

From the main structure window, click the + icon to open the Add Column menu. At the very bottom, click Manage saved columns... 

From a Formula Column

From any Formula column, click the Saved Column settings button and select Manage saved columns...

Managing a Saved Column

From the Manage Saved Columns screen, locate the saved column you want to manage, click the three dots in the Actions column, and select one of the following actions:

  • Save as... - make a copy of the saved column
  • Edit - edit the column's name or description
  • Move to Global - make the column available to everyone on the Jira instance
  • Delete saved column - permanently delete the column

Manage Global Saved Columns permission is required to move a saved column to the Global list. If you don't have this permission, speak with your Structure administrator.
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