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Structure.Bundle 1.0 Release Notes

30th of January 2023

Launch of Structure.Bundle.

Marketplace listing

Version Highlights

  • The entire Structure by Tempo product line installable with a single click and purchase authorization

  • Structure.Bundle includes six applications to help you be more product in Jira

  • Structure for Jira by Tempo to manage, visualize, and track your projects

  • Structure.Gantt to plan portfolios and projects

  • Structure.Pages integrates Confluence pages directly in your Structure hierarchy, so your project planning flows directly from your designs and goals

  • Structure.Testy provides lightweight quality assurance framework to improve visibility into the quality process and ensure proper validation before delivery

  • Structure.Deliver provides team-level project forecasting to help align target dates with actuals

  • Structure.Colors provides color-based signaling based on conditions you define

  • All six apps are under one license, one click, and one purchase authorization

  • Easier maintenance and upkeep for Jira admins

  • Complete portfolio management in one install

Supported Versions

Structure.Bundle 1.0 supports Jira versions 8.13 or later. This is the last version with Jira 8.13 support. This release is for customers using Jira Server or Data Center (Jira Core, Jira Software, or Jira Service Management/Service Desk).

Cloud customers can learn more about our products on the “Cloud” tab of our marketplace listing.


Pick a Time

We strongly recommend that you install and upgrade your apps during off-peak hours or scheduled maintenance windows. There are known issues in the Jira app infrastructure that may cause performance degradation and impede app installation when your Jira instance is under heavy load.

  • Install the Structure.Bundle app, from the marketplace

  • The bundle will install all six apps automatically

  • Monitor catalina.our or jira-application.log for messages from Bundle or any of the other six apps it automatically installs

Upgrading to Structure.Bundle from Existing Structure Licenses

  • If you have existing licenses from any of the Structure product line, contact our customer service to receive a code that will prorate your paid licenses as a discount for the bundle pricing

  • Enter the supplied code at the point of purchase in the Atlassian marketplace

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