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Sprints Configuration

Structure.Gantt is able to visualize past, current and future sprints.

The dates for past and active sprints are always taken from their values in Jira. For future sprints, you have two options:

  • By default, future sprint dates are based on the values in Jira.
  • If you prefer to set your own dates and timelines for future sprints, under Scheduling configuration select the "Use custom dates for future sprints, instead of Jira dates" checkbox:

You can customize future sprints based on:

  • Sprint start day - the day of the week your sprints usually start on
  • Duration - how long sprint lasts, in weeks

Future Sprint Scheduling - Custom Configurations

The following only applies if "Use custom dates for future sprints, instead of Jira dates" is selected.

The first future sprint is scheduled for the Sprint start day immediately following the end of the active sprint. If the active sprint ends on the same day of the week as the Sprint start day, Structure.Gantt will visualize the active sprint ending on the previous day.

Future sprints are scheduled for the specified duration, and each additional future sprint begins immediately following the previous.

If there is no active sprint, Structure.Gantt will base future sprints on the Planned Finish Date of the latest closed sprint. If there are no closed sprints, future sprints will begin on the first Sprint start day following the Project start date.

On your chart, there may be a gap between the active sprint and the first future sprint, based on the specified Sprint start day and the planned finish date for the active sprint. This is done to keep your start days consistent.

Custom Sprint Schedules

You can also create custom schedules for sprints from specific boards. To add a custom schedule, click the Add sprints configuration link.

Custom sprint configuration

In the example above, any sprints from the BP board will have a 3 week duration. All other sprints will use the default configuration (2 weeks).

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