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Tempo Timesheets 8.0.0

Important reading for JIRA administrators before upgrading to Tempo Timesheets 8.0.0

The installation of Tempo Timesheets takes longer than usual because of the data migration so you might want to upgrade outside of office hours.

We cannot ensure that you will not lose data if upgraded to Timesheets 8.0.x and downgrade to an earlier version later.

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Data migration

All worklog attributes are migrated from an xml file stored in the JIRA db to a new Active Objects table. For large instances with many worklog attributes linked to worklogs this might take some time. Below you can find the metrics from a test migrate we did so you have some idea about the time the migration can take on your instance. We suggest that you do a full migration on your test environment before upgrading on your production.

  • JIRA version - JIRA 6.4.12
  • Database - Postgres 9.14
  • Total number of migrated values - 2.269.421
  • Upgrade to Timesheets 8.0.0 - Completed in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The table below shows the new db tables and what data is migrated.



CoreExpense categoriesBooks data migrated


CoreExpensesBooks data migrated


CoreWorklog Attributes valuesNew table used in Timesheets


CoreWorklog AttributesNew table used in Timesheets


AccountsPrice Table dataBooks data migrated


AccountsPrice Table dataBooks data migrated


AccountsTarget amount for an accountThis was Fixed budget in Books and the same table is used for the account target data

How does this affect my JIRA?

This should not affect your JIRA, unless you enable Tempo Books after it has been disabled during the installation of Tempo Timesheets. Tempo Books uses other database tables; however, after the migrate task is completed, it should not run again.

Account Custom Field integration

These changes affect the Account Custom Field return type. In previous versions, the Account Custom Field returns the Account ID of type Double but after the change it will return the Account object.

Return type in previous versions

Double accountID = (Double) accountCustomField.getValue(issue);

Return type in Timesheets 8.0.0 

Account account = (Account) accountCustomField.getValue(issue);

Why are we changing this?

When we introduced the new Account Custom Field, we received a number of requests to change the field from returning the Account key to returning the Account ID.  By returning the Account object, it should now be easier to represent more valuable attributes of your Account.

How does this affect my JIRA?

If you are not using the REST API these changes does not affect your Jira

If you are using Tempo Books with Tempo Timesheets you need to read the following sections

Tempo Books disabled

Tempo Books will be disabled as part of the installation process of Tempo Timesheets, as all the Books specific data has been migrated to new tables that are used for all future data updates of the new features in Tempo Timesheets.

How does this affect my JIRA?

Your JIRA instance should not be affected other than as mentioned below regarding Feature removal. All Tempo system plugins have been upgraded to the latest version, as they are bundled with the Tempo Timesheets obr file.

What do I do?

Please uninstall Tempo Books to prevent the likelihood that another JIRA administrator will enable it again. Tempo Books will not be available on the Atlassian Marketplace after the release of Timesheets 8.0.0, so the risk of installing again will be limited.

Feature removal from Tempo Books

Account Lead Gadget.

This gadget from Tempo Books will no longer be available, as all the data will display in the Led by Me section in the Accounts navigator going forward.  

Fixed Budget. 

The option to select a fixed budget for an account has been replaced by Revenue Target displayed in the Account Revenue report. If configured in Tempo Books prior to the upgrade, the Fixed Budget amount is migrated as a Target for the account and can be viewed and edited in the the Account Revenue report 

Display of expenses in JIRA issue view. 

In Tempo Books all expenses are displayed in the JIRA issue view. After the migration to Tempo Timesheets only expenses that you add to an issue are displayed in the issue view. All expenses are included in the Time and Expenses report as before.

How does this affect my JIRA?

Tempo Books is disabled when Tempo Timesheets is installed so a Gadget Error is displayed on the Dashboard. 

What do I do?

You should inform your users about these changes so they can remove the gadget from the JIRA dashboards. The gadget can be deleted from dashboard though Tempo Books have been uninstalled.

Performance limitations

Account Revenue report and the Team Utilization report both have some performance limitations for large instances.

How does this affect my JIRA?

This is mostly affecting instances with large teams, many Tempo accounts and worklog attribute of type account.

What do I do?

We suggest that you test Account Revenue and Team Utilization report on a test instance running with the latest data backup  from your production instance before installing to your production.

If you are using Tempo Books and upgrade any Tempo system plugin you need to read the following section

Upgrade Tempo system plugins

Tempo Timesheets 8.0.0 and higher versions are bundled with Tempo Core 3.0.0 or higher versions. All Tempo system plugins depends on Tempo core so it will be upgraded when a new version of Tempo Accounts, Tempo Teams, and Tempo Planning API is upgraded.

All Tempo Books specific data will be migrated to new db tables, and the upgrade task is run when Tempo Core is installed. Therefore, you should not update any Tempo system plugins or install a trial of Tempo Timesheets until you are ready to upgrade your instance to Tempo Timesheets.

How does this affect my JIRA?

After the upgrade of new Tempo system plugin, you will still be able to use Tempo Books as before, as the data from the tables used for Tempo Books data have been copied to the new tables in Tempo Core. All data updates for Expenses and Price Tables will not be available if you install Tempo Timesheets later.

What do I do?

We suggest that you install Tempo Timesheets to ensure that all your expenses and price tables are written in the correct tables in the database. If the Tempo Books feature removals mentioned above is blocking your upgrade, we would like the hear from you to value your use case of these features. Please contact our support desk and we will be back to you on a high priority level.

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