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API Usage Samples

Use the sample plugins to learn by example. Download the source bundle from this page and use it with the latest API version.


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Java Archive custom-itemtype-2.0.0.jar

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The provided code is not production-quality and not supported. It is provided as a sample of how one can use Structure API.

The sample code is in public domain – feel free to copy, modify and base your work on it.

Example List

Sample Plugin



Very basic demo of using StructureManager.


Adds a column to the Structure widget that shows a colored bar, depending on the statuses of the sub-issues.


A plugin that adds Labels Extender, which includes issues in the structure based on issue key mentioned in Labels field of the parent issue.

custom-itemtypeA plugin that adds a new item type based on Jira projects and an inserter which adds projects from one or more categories.
user-item-detailsA plugin that adds item details panel support for Jira users.
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