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Modifying Synchronizer

Dark Feature - Synchronizers are hidden by default

We recommend using Automation instead of Synchronizers. Automation is safer, provides additional functionality and flexibility, and uses fewer system resources.

To enable synchronizers, see Advanced Configuration and Dark Features.

You can change the parameters of a synchronizer to alter how it works.

 If the synchronizer is enabled (and working in the background), it needs to be turned off before you can make any changes, because changing a synchronizer's parameters may completely change the result of synchronization.

To edit a synchronizer:

  1. Open the Manage Structure page using the top navigation Structure menu.
  2. Find the structure with the synchronizer you'd like to edit. Click on the Settings link in the Sync With column.

    If you don't see the Settings link in the Sync With column, you may not have Control permissions on this structure.

  3. Find the synchronizer you'd like to edit. Click the Edit link or the Disable and Edit link in the Operations column. The synchronizer will be automatically disabled.

    If you don't see the Edit link or the Disable and Edit link in the Operations column, the synchronizer is probably provided by a third-party plugin and does not support editing.

  4. Set the new synchronizer parameters. Also, if you are a Jira Administrator and not the synchronizer owner, choose if you want to become the new synchronizer owner.

  5. Press the Apply button. This will update the synchronizer parameters and make you the new owner of the synchronizer (unless you chose not to do so in the previous step). However, the synchronizer is not enabled yet:
    1. Before synchronization is enabled, we recommend running Resync to sync the current state of the structure and Jira. To do so, press the Resync and Enable button after the synchronization is installed, or later use the same link on the synchronization settings page.
    2. If you need to enable synchronization without resyncing first, press Enable without Resyncing.
    3. You can enable and resync the synchronizer later from the synchronization settings page. Press Done if you don't need to enable the updated synchronizer now.


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