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Setting Up for Timesheet Approvals

The Timesheet Approval process requires that employees log their time to Jira issues, then submit their timesheets to their team lead. The team lead then reviews the timesheets and either approves or rejects them. Tempo Teams are required for the Timesheet Approval process - see Managing Teams and Timesheet Approvals for more information.

If your company is implementing the Timesheet approval process, you'll need to set up Tempo Timesheets so that this can be done.  

Most of these tasks require Tempo administrator permissions

  • Grant Tempo administrator permissions to the appropriate group. This requires Jira administrator permissions.

  • Set up the timesheet reporting period for your company, such as monthly.

  • Configure the Scheduler for period closing dates, and for sending out reminders about timesheet issues.

  • Set up for using Tempo Teams.

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