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Setting Up and Configuring Timesheets

After you have installed Tempo Timesheets, you need to set it up. Follow these steps to get going!

First steps: Make Tempo Timesheets available

First things first, make Tempo Timesheets available to your company. You'll need Jira administrator permissions for these tasks:

  • Make sure that time tracking is activated in Jira. 
    This should be the case after you install Tempo Timesheets, but if it's not, nobody in your company will be able to log time in Tempo Timesheets.

  • It's recommended to disable Jira's native Log Work module so that there's no confusion between it and Tempo's Log Time dialog in Jira issues - see Disabling the Jira Log Work Module for information.

  • Decide who needs access to Tempo Timesheets.
    All Jira software users have access to it by default, so you can limit that with smaller groups. For example, give access initially to only a small group for evaluation or the beginning of your Tempo Timesheet rollout plan. Or maybe only certain departments in your company need to use Tempo Timesheets.

  • Grant these Project permissions to a group that includes all Tempo Timesheets users: Browse Projects and Work on Issues
    Also, grant the View All Worklogs permission to administrators and managers so they can see all worklogs for the project.

Great! Tempo Timesheets is now available to be used. Keep going with the steps below.

Grant Tempo permissions

You can grant these permissions when you like, but it’s best to do this sooner than later for your organization to have the best experience with Tempo Timesheets. 

You'll need Jira administrator permissions for these tasks:

  • Grant these Global permissions to the appropriate group of administrators in your company: Tempo Administrator, Tempo Team Administrator, and Tempo Account Administrator
    Note: As a Jira administrator, you automatically have these permissions, but you can assign them to others.

  • Grant these Project permissions to a group that includes all Tempo users: 
    Edit Own Worklogs and Delete Own Worklogs

  • Grant these Project permissions to the appropriate groups of managers and team leads in your company: 
    View All Worklogs, Edit All Worklogs, and Delete All Worklogs

Now everyone should have all the basic permissions they need to use and manage Tempo Timesheets.

See Permissions for information on all permissions for Tempo Timesheets for Server.

Need to set up more?

You can continue with these following steps depending on how your company is using Tempo Timesheets. Once you're done with those, Tempo Timesheets will be fully set up and ready to use!

Check the Best Practices for ideas on how to set up Tempo Timesheets for the best possible experience for your company. 

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