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Setting Up for Tempo Teams

Tempo teams make it easy for managers and leads to manage the time for their group, and are required for the Timesheet Approval process. See Managing Teams for more information.

If your company has decided to use teams, you'll need to set up Tempo Timesheets so that this can be done.  

These tasks require either Jira administrator or Tempo Team administrator permissions.

  • Grant Tempo Team Administrator permissions to the appropriate group in your company. Then those administrators can handle most team issues. Granting this requires Jira administrator permissions.

  • Create Team Roles that describe job titles of employees in your company, such as Developer and Designer. This requires Tempo Team administrator permissions.

  • Create Tempo teams for your company and assign team leads to each one. This requires Tempo Team administrator permissions.
    Tip: Keep the number of team members per team to under 25 for the best results. Big teams can slow down performance and be cumbersome for team leads to manage.

  • For each team, the team lead grants Team Permissions for their team members and others.

  • Grant Log Work for Others permissions to the appropriate team lead and manager groups in your company. This requires Jira administrator permissions. 
    Note: If a team lead has Manage Team Worklog permissions for their own team (in Team Permissions), they can log work for their team members, so they won’t need this permission.

  • Add the Team custom field to Jira issue screens to be able to link teams to Jira project and their issues. This requires Jira administrator permissions.

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