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Creating Workload Schemes

Creating, configuring, and deleting workload schemes requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

Employee work requirements depend on the work week that you define here with the workload schemes. The workload scheme is required for Tempo Timesheets and determines the number of working hours required per week and per day. The workload scheme is also required for Tempo Planner, and it's reflected in the number of working hours per week and per day that can be planned for each team member.

You can create different workload schemes to address different working hour requirements, and then assign the members to their appropriate scheme. For example, employees who work in different countries might have different working hour requirements, or some employees might be working only part-time. All Tempo users must be assigned to a workload scheme, and by default, everyone is added to the Tempo Default workload scheme. When a new user is added to Tempo, they are automatically added to the default scheme.

Workload schemes contain information about the days and hours in different types of working weeks. Create or edit workload schemes to manage different types of users' workload. The required hours per day calculation is based on a user's workload scheme. You must assign all users to a Tempo workload scheme. 

Holiday schemes also affect the working capacity for employees. Total capacity is equal to the working hours defined in the workload scheme minus holidays defined in the holiday scheme.

Watch our video: How to Create Workload and Holiday Schemes

Create a Workload Scheme

  1. Select Settings in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Under Staff, select Workload.

  3. Add a New Workload Scheme.

  4. Add a Name and Description for the new workload scheme.

  5. For each day in the week, set the number of working hours.

  6. Click Save to create the new workload scheme.

  7. Update or delete the workload scheme in the More menu ().

    • Click Set Default to the right of the workload scheme you want to be the default. New users are automatically added to the default workload scheme when they access Tempo.

    • You can edit the name, description, and working hours of the workload scheme inline. 

If you have employees who need access to Tempo but won't be logging their time, you should create a workload scheme for 0 hours and assign those employees to it.

Adding Members to Workload Schemes

Adding a user to a workload scheme will remove them from any other workload schemes the are included in. If you wish, you can move users from one workload scheme to another.

You cannot add generic resources to workload or holiday schemes.

To add a member to a workload scheme:

  1. Click Members to the right of the workload scheme.

    You are directed to the Manage Staff page, filtered by the related workload scheme.

  2. In the Manage Staff page, search for the user and assign this workload scheme.

    If there are no users in the Manage Staff table, remove the workload scheme filter and search by users or by groups. When members are displayed, you can then quickly move members to this workload scheme or to another workload scheme if necessary.


Deleting Workload Schemes

You cannot delete a workload scheme if there are members assigned to it. You must first move the member to another workload scheme.

Then click Delete to the right of the workload scheme.

Managing Workload Schemes for Inactive Users

Currently, it is not possible to remove inactive users as their historical data (worklogs and timesheet approvals) needs to have an assigned workload scheme.

As a workaround, you can create another workload scheme and move these users to it in order to differentiate between active and inactive users.

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