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Turning Off Optional Features

Some features in Structure are designed as modules and can be safely turned off. This can be done to remove unnecessary functionality or limit the exposure to Structure for specific users.

If your aim is to limit the exposure to Structure, consider restricting permissions to specific groups of users - see Structure Best Practices.

While it is easy to disable many Structure modules, we don't recommend touching any modules except those listed in this article to ensure stability of Structure and your Jira application.

To turn off a module:

  1. Open the Add-on Manager by navigating to Administration | Add-ons | Manage Add-ons.
  2. Locate the Structure add-on and expand its row.
  3. Click the link that looks like the following: "309 of 310 modules enabled." (Numbers may vary.)
  4. Use  the Search feature of your browser to find the module by its name (provided below.)
  5. Click the Disable button to the right of the module name.

You can always turn the feature on later by clicking the Enable button.


Module names

Effect of disabling this module

Activity Streams

Structure (structure-activity-provider)

The Activity Streams provider and Structure-related updates are removed from the following places:

  • Activity Stream gadgets,
  • Activity tab on the issue page
  • Activity tab on the user page
  • Activity tab on the project page

Structure on the Issue Page

web-resource:Issue Page Decorator (adjustIssue)

issue-page:Structure on Issue Page (structuremodule)

The Structure section is removed from the issue page.

Structure on Agile Boards

web-panel:GreenHopper tab (greenhopper-tab)

The Structure tab is removed from the issue details panel on the Agile board.

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