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Dependencies Configuration

Structure.Gantt uses Jira issue links for working with dependencies between issues.

To create issue-to-issue dependencies, you first need to specify the link types you want to use for each dependency relationship.

Track dependencies and set lead and lag times
By default, Finish to Start (FS) dependencies are enabled with "blocks" link type. To learn more about the the available dependency types, see Dependencies.

Adding Dependency and Link Types

You can use multiple dependency relationships and link types within your Gantt chart. To enable a new dependency and/or link type, click the appropriate Add Type button and select the link type you want to use.

All of the options you select here will be available to you when you create a link using the link button
in the toolbar.When you create a link by dragging one task bar to another, if you have more than one link type associated with the type of dependency being created, a pop-up will appear for you to select the appropriate type.
Select Finish to Start Link Type

Lead/Lag Time

By default, dependency transitions happen immediately. For example, in an FS dependency, the second item in the dependency starts as soon as the first item finishes. If you need to delay a start/finish or begin it early, you can configure a lead/lag time for each dependency type.

  • To set a lead time, input a negative number.
  • To set a lag time, input a positive number.

To learn more, see Dependency Lead/Lag Time.

When you add a dependency within your chart, Structure.Gantt creates a link of the corresponding link type between the two issues. See Dependencies for more information about creating dependencies within a Gantt chart.

Structure.Gantt also supports dependencies between other types of items, such as folders and pages, but these are stored within Gantt itself.

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