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In Gantt Charts for Structure, dependencies are defined based on Issue Links. Changing dependencies creates or removes links between issues (the link type is defined in the Gantt configuration).

Gantt supports the following types of dependencies:

  • Finish to Start (FS) - the second item's start is dependent upon the first item's finish
  • Start to Start (SS) - the second item's start is dependent upon the first item's start
  • Finish to Finish (FF) - the second item's finish is dependent upon the first item's finish
  • Start to Finish (SF) - the second item's finish is dependent upon the first item's start

By default, the dependency transition happens immediately. For example, in an FS dependency, the second item starts as soon as the first item finishes. If you need to delay a start/finish or begin it early, you can configure a lead/lag time for dependencies.

Creating Dependencies with Drag and Drop

To create a dependency between two tasks, drag from one task to another. The type of dependency you create will depend on the sides of each task you use:

  • Finish to Start - Drag from the right side of one task to the left side of the other
  • Finish to Finish - Drag from right side to right side
  • Start to Finish - Drag from left side to right side
  • Start to Start - Drag from left side to left side

Create dependencies with drag and drop

If you have more than one link type associated with the dependency type you selected, you will be asked which link type you want to use.

Dependency type selection

You can use favorites to streamline the selection process:

  • If you favorite one link type for a dependency type, Gantt will skip the popup and use that type whenever you create that dependency
  • If you favorite multiple link types, only your favorites will be listed in the popup

The type of dependencies and link types you can create in Gantt depends on the types you have enabled in the Gantt Configuration.

Creating Dependencies with the Toolbar

You can also create dependencies using the Gantt toolbar:

  1. Click the Link button 
    in the toolbar
  2. Select the tasks you want to include in the dependency
  3. Select the Dependency Type
  4. Assign a custom lead/lag time, if necessary.
  5. Click Create Dependency

New Dependency Dialogue

If you haven't configured a Dependency Type, you won't be able to select it in the New Dependency menu.

Dependencies Not Configured

In order to use these dependency types, you first need to configure them in your Gantt Configuration.

It is currently not possible to select Start to Finish or Finish to Finish when creating a new dependency between tasks and groups; however, they can be created:

  1. Create a Finish to Start dependency
  2. Click the dependency link to edit it
  3. Change Type to Start to Finish

Non-Issue Dependencies

It is also possible to create dependencies between non-issues items (flex items that have been turned into milestones or flex items being treated as a Group), as well as between issues and non-issues. These dependencies are stored inside Gantt and are not visible outside of the chart.

Dependency Details

To view or edit the details of an existing dependency, click the link arrow connecting two tasks.

Dependency Details Panel

Deleting Dependencies

To delete a dependency, click the Remove link in the Dependency Properties panel. 

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