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Editing, Moving, and Deleting Plans in Resource Planning

Editing plans for others in Resource Planning requires the View Team Plans and Manage Team Plans permissions for the team.

You can modify resource allocations by editing or deleting the plan cards, moving them around in the view, or deleting them. If plan approval is being used and changes are made to an approved plan, the plan will be re-submitted to the reviewer for approval and the plan status becomes pending.
Plans created by a Team lead for a team member can not be edited by the team member.

To access Resource Planning:

  1. Select Planning in the Tempo sidebar. 

  2. Click to the left of the resource whose plans you want to edit. You can also expand all users by clicking the Expand all arrow at the top of the resource list.

Editing Plans

You can open plan cards and edit their details. You can select a different issue or project, change the date and time, the amount of time planned, and assign the plan to a different user.

  1. Click on the plan card you want to edit.

  2. Edit the plan in the Edit Plan dialog box.

  3. Click Update to confirm the changes.

In the Weeks view you can edit plan duration by resizing the plan timebox. Simply click and drag the sides to adjust the start and end dates.

Copying Plans

You can copy plans to a new date or another person.

  1. Hold down the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key, and click the plan to be copied.

  2. Drag the card to the desired date/resource and release it there.

When copying a plan card in the Days view that is a part of a period plan, only the selected card will be copied. You can copy the whole period in the Weeks view

Moving Plans


This option is only available in Planner 7.

You can move a plan to another date or resource.  

  1. Click and hold the plan card you want to move.

  2. Drag the card to the desired date and release it there.

When dragging a plan card in the Days view that is a part of a period plan, only the selected card will be moved. To move the whole period, click the plan and modify the start and end date for the period. You can also drag the whole period in one go in the Weeks view

Moving a part of a period plan will split the plan in two in the Weeks view and if plan approval is being used, both plans will be pending until the revisions are approved.  

Deleting Plans

You can delete plans that are no longer relevant and remove them from the Resource Planning view.

  1. Rest your mouse pointer on the Plan card you want to delete.

  2. Click the x at the top-right of the card.

  3. A confirmation window opens showing details for the selected plan. If the plan is for a period, you need to determine whether to delete the selected date only or the complete period before clicking Delete.

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