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Filtering the Resource Planning View

Creating a resource filter requires the View Team Plans permission for the relevant teams.

Filtering can be really helpful when you're planning for your team and it helps you see just what you're looking for. You can use filters to narrow down your view until it shows the members you'd like. I you regularly use the same filters, you can save them to make it quick and easy to jump between them.

  1. Select Planning :plan_icon: in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Click the Filters box at the top to display a list of options.

  3. Click a filter group and select/search for a team, user, or team role. Click Back to return to the list of filter groups. 
    Select one or more unique values to filter the view by.

    • Your selection is marked with a checkmark and the filter is applied to the view. Clearing the check mark will remove the criteria from the view. 

    • The Filter by box shows what criteria are being applied in the view. You can remove a filter by clicking the x. 

  4. To save the filter, click Save filter to the right of the Filter by box. Or if you are done working with your filtered list of resources, you can clear the filters again by clicking Clear All.

Applying a Saved Filter

You can apply a filter that you previously created. You don't need any special permissions to apply a filter.

  1. Click the Filter by box at the top of the Resource Planning view.

  2. Under Saved Filters, select the filter you want to apply.

  3. Your data is displayed in the view. 

  4. You can modify the filter by adding or removing filter criteria. To save your changes, click Save filter. This will update your previously saved filter, but if you want to save your modified filter as a new filter, click the down arrow on the Save filter button, and then select Save as on the drop-down menu. To discard changes you have made to the resource filter, click Discard Changes.

Deleting a Saved Filter

You can delete a filter that you previously created. 

  1. Apply the filter that you want to delete.

  2. Click the down arrow on the Save button, and then select Delete on the drop-down menu.

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