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Manager's Guide

As a manager in your organization, Tempo Timesheets is a tool for you! From managing your team's time to generating reports to get data, Timesheets has many features designed to help you do your job, no matter what type of manager you are.

  • Managing Your Teams - If you're a team lead, department manager, or a project manager, you can create Tempo teams that include your direct reports or people working on your project. Having employees organized in teams makes it easy to manage their timesheets and approvals, and to create reports on their logged time.

  • Timesheet Approvals - With your team set up, you can review and approve the timesheets that your team members submit to you.

  • Generating Reports - Running reports on the time that has been logged by your team or to your project is easy with Logged Time reports. These reports give you valuable data that you and your organization can use for many reasons. If you also have Tempo Planner installed, you can run the Planned vs Actuals report which provides you with plenty of insights into how close your planning efforts were to the actual time that was worked.

  • Organizing Data Using Tempo Accounts - Tracking logged time across multiple Jira projects - and even teams - is what makes Tempo Accounts a powerful tool for managing projects, especially for billable work and Capex/Opex (see the tutorials below).

Check out the videos in this playlist to see how to use these Tempo Timesheets features as a manager or team lead: Manager's Guide to Tempo Timesheets

You can also follow these tutorials to see how to use Tempo Timesheets to accomplish your business goals:

  • Tracking Billable Work for Invoicing Using Tempo Accounts - If you're a project or account manager, this tutorial shows you how to set up both billable and non-billable accounts for a customer and get reports on time logged to each of these accounts. Importantly, you can run a clean report on billable work that can be used as a base for invoicing the customer.

  • Tracking Billable Hours on Projects - This tutorial shows you a simple method to track billable hours using only the Billable hours field (no Tempo account), and then get a report on billable time.

  • Tracking Time on Capex for Tax Credits - If you're a project or account manager, this tutorial shows you how to set up Tempo accounts for tracking time spent on work related to capital expenditures (Capex) and operating expenses (Opex). Then you can run a report on the time logged to Capex accounts to apply for tax credits.

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