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Creating Repeating (Recurring) Plans

Repeating plans allow you to schedule recurring events, such as:

  • Hourly meetings that occur every Monday

  • Standups that occur multiple times per week

  • Project check-ins that repeat until the project’s launch date

Rather than creating an individual plan for these every week, you can create repeating plans.

To create a repeating (recurring) plan:

  1. Create a plan in any way you like.

  2. In the Plan Time form, select one of the Repeat options: Weekly or Bi-weekly (every other week).

  3. Set the Until date (inclusive) for when you want this plan to stop repeating.

    Plan time form for a recurring plan

Editing Repeating Plans

You can edit a repeating plan in two ways:

  • Make changes to the selected plan and upcoming plans in the series.

  • Make changes that affect all the plans in the series.

You cannot make changes that only affect an individual plan.

To edit plans in a repeating series:

  1. Click any repeating plan in a series:

    • If you want to edit the plan from a specific date forward, pick the plan for that date.

    • If you open the original (parent) plan, you can skip Step 2.

    • If you open any other plan, follow Step 2 to enable editing.

  2. Select whether you want to edit “This and upcoming plans” or “All plans in this repeating series.”

  3. Make any necessary changes.

Editing a period plan

To extend or reduce the time range of a repeating plan:

Click the parent or child plan and make any of these changes:

  • Edit the Start Date field so that the start date is earlier. This updates all existing repeating plans in this series with the new date.

  • Edit the Start Date field so that the start date is later. This deletes the previous repeating plan and creates a new one with this start date.

  • Edit the End Date so that the repeating plan ends earlier or later. This updates all existing repeating plans in this series with the new date.

  • Drag or move the original (parent) plan to change the start date or length of a plan.

Deleting Repeating Plans

  1. Click the (...) in the corner of the parent plan of the repeating series and choose Delete, or click the "x" in the corner of any other plan in the series.

  2. Choose what you want to delete:

    • All plans in this series. or

    • The selected plan and upcoming plans in this series. You can't delete an individual plan in a repeating series.

  3. Click Delete to confirm.

    Deleting a repeating plan

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